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DEAN FUJIOKA Live Streaming 2020 “Plan B”

2020.12.26 OPEN 17:30 START 18:00


Dean Fujioka’s first ever online concert is coming up!

Dean Fujioka’s first ever online concert, Live Streaming 2020 “Plan B”, is coming to you on December 26th! The year of 2020 is a special year to the whole world. Dean Fujioka has been producing his own IP-ed film, acting, and absolutely, making his own music. In this year, the releases of ‘Neo Dimension’, ‘Tokyo Trip’ and ‘Go The Distance’ have attracted much attention all over Asia. However to adapt to the world’s situation, the cancelation of his 2nd Asian Tour was unavoidable, and that made him bring out the brand new “Plan B”, which is Dean’s way to face the change of the world. What’s more, this live streaming is collaborated with Spikey John, a 24-year-old Japanese famous new-blood director. An extraordinary show can be expected! Dean Fujioka Live Streaming 2020 “Plan B”, the one and only online live show which leads you to Dean Fujioka’s new chapter, starting at 18:00(GMT+9) on December 26th, WORLDWIDE!

Live Streaming date and time
OPEN 17:30
START 18:00
*Japan Standard Time
*Chat and Social Tipping functions available
Sales period
Rewatch date and time
After the Live Streaming ends〜2021.01.03(Sun)23:59(scheduled)
*Live viewing start time is subject to change.


Born in Fukushima, Japan. A Japanese musician, actor, model and film director.
After graduating from high school, Dean majored in IT in Seattle, USA. After graduating from college, he traveled to different countries in Asia and came into contact with various ethnicities, cultures and languages.
Dean started his career as a model in Hong Kong's fashion scene in 2004. In 2006, he made his debut as an actor and then moved his base to Taipei. His dramas and movies caught public attention throughout the Greater China.
Afterwards, he suspended his career in acting and went to Jakarta, where he met DJ Sumo (Sumantri) and collaborated on his music. He also appeared in the TV series The Pinkertons in North America.
From 2012, he moved his base back to Japan and became well-known throughout Japan as an actor and also a musician. He starred in the Japanese TV series The Count of Monte-Cristo, TV movie Les Misérables, TV series Sherlock: Untold Stories and so on.
In 2016, Dean released the download single ‘History Maker’ which is used as the opening of the anime Yuri!!! on Ice. Along with global popularity of the anime, his name came to be known to people all over the world. According to the top trending Google Search queries by year in 2016, he was ranked 5th in the world in the category ‘Musicians’. In 2018,His‘wave’music received the Best Alternative Video at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan. In 2019, Dean held his first Asia Tour not only in Japan but also in the Greater China and Indonesia.
In 2020, Dean released his digital singles ‘Tokyo Trip’ and ‘Go The Distance’.