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Akihito Okano Streaming LIVE 2021 "DISPATCHERS vol.2"

2021.07.25 OPEN 18:00 START 19:00


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Akihito Okano of PORNOGRAFFITTI presents a barrier-breaking online streaming live performance that you won't want to miss!

In the midst of a global pandemic, Akihito Okano wishes to bring “light” to those who face adversity with his “Walk To The Song In My Heart” Project. In this second installment of his online streaming live, Okano will be performing both original songs and covers of various artists.

Live viewing date and time
OPEN 18:00
START 19:00

*Japan Standard Time

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※The viewing start time is subject to change.
*Japan Standard Time

System Charge ¥350
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You can use Chat, and Twitter connect functions during live streaming.
Chat settings can be set beforehand from My Page.
(This performance will not be Social tipping in chat posts.)
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「DISPATCHERS」 original goods are on sale on the live viewing page!

Sales period:2021.07.25(Sun)18:00~2021.07.31(Sat)23:59

*If you have viewing ticket, you can purchase goods on the live viewing page. (You need to log in with the A!-ID from which you purchased the viewing ticket.)
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・This performance is paid live streaming, and the organizer owns all rights. If you reprint or share it on a video site without permission, you may be liable for legal liability. Only for this live stream, the organizer permits the shooting of still images and the posting of the shot still images on SNS.(2021.07.16 update)

Akihito Okano(PornoGraffitti)

Born in 1974 in Hiroshima Prefecture, Akihito Okano is the lead vocalist for the band PORNOGRAFFITTI.