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@onefive LIVE 2023 -Chance*Change-

2023.06.09 OPEN 18:30 START 19:00


"@onefive LIVE 2023 -Chance×Change-" is the live that @onefive performed "Chance", theme song of the movie"If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die" for the first time!

This is @onefive's first live since they graduated from high school.Through this show ,@onefive is determined to continue to change and leap at the chance.
Not only the new song "Chance,"but they will also perform two new songs.
In addition,an audio commentary will be included as a bonus!

Live viewing date and time
OPEN 06:30pm(JST)
START 07:00pm(JST)
Sales period
Rewatch date and time
After the Live Stream ends 〜
System Charge ¥380
About Ticket Benefits
In addition to the live video, audio commentary content will be uploaded on 06.09 (Fri)!
@onefive will talk about the behind-the-scenes stories that you can only hear here, while watching the live video! It is a must-listen for sure!

Viewing period :
2023.06.09 (Fri) After the Live Stream ends - 2023.06.16 (Fri) 11:59pm(JST)

How to watch :
Please log in with the A!-ID (e-mail address) and password with which you purchased the viewing ticket, and check the contents from "MY BOX" in My Page.

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※The audio commentary content will be added to MY BOX in MY PAGE.
※Chat and Social Tipping functions will not be available for the audio commentary content.
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If you have viewing ticket, you can purchase goods on the live viewing page.
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Sales period:2023.06.09(Fri)06:30pm(JST)~ 2023.06.16(Fri)11:59pm(JST)

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* Even after [SOLD OUT], if the order is canceled, sales may resume.
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@onefive is a four-member girls group formed in 2019. The members are GUMI, KANO, MOMO, and SOYO.
Last year, all four members appeared together in a Japanese drama, "If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die".
They sang the theme song "Miraizu" for the drama and made their major label debut with the song from avex.
They also appeared in the movie version of the drama and sang the theme song as well.Their first major debut single will be released on May 24th.