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Shogo Sakamoto ONE-MAN Live 2021 "=∞"

2021.07.27 OPEN 19:15 START 20:00


Shogo Sakamoto ONE-MAN Live 2021 "=∞" PartⅡ will stream!

Shogo Sakamoto ONE-MAN Live 2021 "=∞" PartⅡ will stream on LIVESHIP.Don't miss it!

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OPEN 19:15
START 20:00

*Japan Standard Time

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*Japan Standard Time

System Charge ¥220
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Special making movie of Shogo Sakamoto One-man live 2021 "= ∞" that includes backside of the stage and interviews etc. will be send as a gift!!

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Shogo Sakamoto

A Japanese singer/songwriter and actor.
He made his major debut as a singer/songwriter in 2017 and is energetically active.
In 2020, He released his 2nd full album '=+'.
In addition, his activities as an actor are remarkable, and he appeared in the musical Token Ranbu -Bakumatsu Tenrōden(2020),the Japanese version of the musical "In the Heights" (2021), and "Ikebukuro West Gate Park" THE STAGE (2021).
In the fall of 2021, he will appear in the musical "xxxHOLiC"The range of activities is expanding genrelessly.