Recommended environment
[Recommended devices and software for Online Live Stream]
Smartphone and Tablet
OS: AndroidOS 7.0 or above
Browser: The latest version of Chrome
OS: iOS 11.0 or above
Browser: The latest version of Safari

OS: Windows 10 or above
Browser: The latest version of Edge, Chrome or Firefox
OS: Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra) or above
Browser: The latest version of Safari, Chrome or Firefox

If the video or audio of the video sample does not play smoothly using the recommended devices and software listed above, please contact us.
[Required Internet Connectivity]
For a smooth online live stream, you will need a hi-speed and stable internet connection.
Please check the following in advance.
・The remaining amount of data available if you are using a limited data plan for network connection.
・Are you at a no signal or weak signal area for network connection?

※ It is recommended that you clear items blocking your router ; and if using a shared WiFi network, try turning off other devices connected to the same WiFi as it may weaken the signal.
※ This online live streaming service will not be held responsible for any disruptions to the live stream due to the poor network connectivity of customers.

[Viewing the Online Live Stream using a TV]
Depending on your device, you may be able to mirror the screen of your web browser to your TV. However, we highly recommend viewers to use a web browser from devices.
If you wish to watch on TV, etc., please purchase at your own discretion after make sure the device you intend to use for viewing the stream meets the requirement to view and is compatible to run the sample video.
Please note:This service is not responsible for any problems that occur during viewing.