Community guideline
When using the community function, Before using the Official LIVESHIP Streaming Site (the “Service”) provided by Amuse Inc. (the “Company”), we ask that all users of the Service (“User” or “Users”), you must consent to the Official LIVESHIP Streaming Site Terms of Use (these “Terms of Use”) and Community guideline(these “Guideline”) so please carefully read these Terms of Use.
■About Community
Community is a function that allows you to enjoy the limited-time content posted on the Live viewing page.
Only on the live viewing page that provides the Community function, users who have purchased the target viewing ticket can use and view the limited-time content.
And, users who have not purchased the target viewing ticket cannot use or view it.
In addition, we do not provide the Community function on all Live viewing pages.
The content and posting frequency will differ for each Community (each Live streaming).
Users can register or change their Nickname in [Post settings] in [My Page] or on the Live viewing page. Even if the user changes the Nickname, the Nickname of the past comment will not be changed and the Nickname before the change will be displayed.
If the user withdraws from the LIVESHIP membership, the Community function cannot be used even during the Community function implementation period. Past comments, reactions and Nicknames will continue to be posted even after withdrawal. Please note. In addition, we have no obligation to users to remove them or keep them posted.
Users must use the Community function at their own risk and expense in accordance with this Guideline, and regarding all actions and results of using this service, including user comments and troubles between users. We do not take any responsibility.
Users are responsible for the use of Community function when they receive complaints or claims from other users or other third parties, or when a dispute arises with another user or other third party. This shall be resolved at your own risk and expense.
The content and information posted to the Community is as of the time of posting and is subject to change.
The Community may be temporarily closed or terminated without notice at our discretion. In addition, content posted to the Community may be temporarily or permanently deleted without notice at our discretion.
■Prohibited Acts
It is prohibited to copy, reprint, redistribute, or otherwise use any posted content, comments, texts, photos, videos, sounds, or other data transmitted by the Community function.However, this does not apply if we separately inform you.
User must not perform any of the following actions or actions that may be applicable. In addition, if the user posts a comment that violates these Guidelines, or if the administrator deems it appropriate to delete it for other reasons, the administrator may delete the comment.
1.Criminal acts, acts that violate public order and morals, and other acts that violate laws and regulations.
2.Acts that interfere with our operation or business.
3.Acts that damage the credibility of our company, other users or third parties, acts that cause inconvenience, disadvantage or damage.
4. Acts that slander our company, our artists, this service, or other third parties (including other users), damage their honor, credibility, or give disadvantages, or other annoying acts (Internet, includes writing to various SNS etc.).
5. Acts of invading this service with computer viruses and harmful programs.
6. Commercial activities in this service and similar acts, as well as political and religious acts.
7. Acts of using this service by illegally using personal information or false information of a third party.
8. Unauthorized reproduction, copying, modification, transmission enablement, public transmission, storage, and other acts of using the information and data provided by this service beyond the scope of private use.
9. Actions that the Company deems inappropriate.
The Company has the right to terminate or restrict the use of the Service or access to the Streaming Content by a User at any time without giving prior notice and without owing any liability if that user commits a malicious prohibited act. The Company reserves the right to refuse the registration of an A!-ID or use of the Service by the User.