About viewing page
[About Recomendation for Online Live Stream connection]
Please check here for the Recomendation for Online Live Stream connection.

[About Watch on TV]
Click here for an example of how to watch TV.

[About live stream player]
When you access the live viewing page, the video is paused by default.
To start viewing, press the play mark displayed on the viewing player.

In addition, the image quality and sound quality suitable for the customer's communication environment are automatically set by default. If the [AUTO] mark is displayed at the bottom right of the viewing player's screen, you can change the setting.
However, comfortable live viewing requires a high-speed and stable internet connection, so changing the settings may cause the video to be interrupted depending on the customer's communication environment.

■OS / browser combination that displays the [AUTO] mark
・Mac OS+Chrome
・Mac OS+Firefox
・Android OS+Chrome

[About Chat function]
Whether or not the chat function is implemented, whether or not the Social Tipping function is implemented, and whether or not the X Connect function is implemented differs depending on the live streaming.
Please check each ticket sales page for availability.
Chat settings can be set in advance from My Page.
Please check here for details on X integration.

[About goods sales]
Whether or not it is implemented differs depending on the live streaming.
if goods are sale at LIVESHIP, the goods sales area will be displayed on the viewing page.