About Twitter connect
■About Twitter connect
Twitter connect is automatically tweet the posted content to Twitter at the same time when you post a chat or comment on the LIVESHIP Live viewing page only for the Twitter connect is set. And, the hashtag of each performance is automatically posted to the tweet.
■Main posts
Post name Nick name Account name, User name
Post content Message Message posted on LIVESHIP
Hashtag No display With display
Post time No display With display
Post icon No display With display
Social Tipping With display No display
・Some live streamings are not linked to Twitter connnect.

・The hashtag attached to the tweet is specified by the organizer of each performance and cannot be specified or selected by the customer.

・ Due to a large number of posts in a short time or other reasons, an event may occur in which Twitter connect does not function properly.
In this case, Twitter will not be tweeted, but LIVESHIP's chat posting / Social Tipping function will normally post / settle.
You can check the completed Social Tipping in "History of Social Tipping" in "My Page".

・If you change the user name on Twitter, the user name before the change is displayed in LIVESHIP, but the account connect itself is performed normally.
If you want to change the user name display in LIVESHIP, please cancel the connect and then connect again.

・ If you want to change the connected account, please cancel the connect and then connect again.