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BE:FIRST 1st One Man Tour “BE:1” 2022-2023

2023.02.24 OPEN 19:00 START 20:00


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BE:FIRST First nationwide one-man hall tour is underway!
We will stream the first arena performance at Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium on 1/27.

Live viewing date and time
OPEN 07:00pm(JST)
START 08:00pm(JST)
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2023.02.24(Fri)10:30pm(JST) 〜
*Japan Standard Time
System Charge ¥330
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*The live online streaming of this performance is to be viewed from your PC or smart phone. Tickets must be purchased in advance to view the performance.
*Before purchasing tickets, please make sure to check the Internet environment and the system requirements are suitable for viewing the live streaming and read Terms of Use.
*If you watch from the middle of the live streaming, you will be able to view only from that point and will not be able to rewind and replay while the live streaming is in progress.
*The performance is scheduled to last approximately 2 hours (subject to change).
*The archive streaming will end after 2023.03.26 (Sun) 11:59pm (JST), even if you are still watching. Please allow plenty of time for viewing. For start time of the archive streaming, please check the information on the sales page.
*After ticket purchase, no cancellations, changes or refunds for any reason are accepted other than the cancellation of live streaming.
*We will do our best to prepare for the live streaming with the best possible equipment and connection, but due to the features of the live streaming, there might be a possibility of accidental pauses or video disturbance. Please note that tickets will not be refunded in such cases.
*The organizer is not responsible for any problems associated with your Internet or viewing environment.
*This performance is a live streaming show for a fee. All rights reserved by the organizer. All screen recording, photography, and sound recording with cameras, smart phones, etc. are prohibited.
In addition, you may be held legally liable for any unauthorized reproduction or sharing on video websites.
*Commercial use of the live streaming video is prohibited. This includes the use of the live streaming video in restaurants, halls, etc., where the audience is charged a fee.


A dance vocal group of seven members (SOTA, SHUNTO, MANATO, RYUHEI, JUNON, RYOKI, LEO) belonging to BMSG led by SKY-HI.
Since its debut in November 2021, it has dominated various music charts and won numerous awards, attracting great attention from all quarters. Her first full-length album "BE:1" is also a big hit.