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@onefive "Underground" release commemoration Live Streaming

2021.11.26 OPEN 19:00 START 19:30


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The first performance of @onefive's new digital single "Underground" will be streaming live!

The first performance of @onefive's new digital single "Underground" will be streaming live."Underground" is a song which the member created the dance for the first time! In this live streaming they will also talk about their new challenge and how they made "Underground".

Live viewing date and time
OPEN 7:00p.m. (JST)
START 7:30p.m. (JST)
Sales period
2021.11.06(Sat)12:00p.m. (JST)~2021.12.05(Sun)9:59p.m. (JST)
2021.11.06(Sat)12:00p.m. (JST)~2021.12.05(Sun)9:29p.m. (JST)
Rewatch date and time
2021.11.27(Sat)12:00a.m. (JST) ~
2021.12.05(Sun)11:59p.m. (JST)

※The viewing start time is subject to change.
*Japan Standard Time

System Charge ¥220
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@onefive is a girl group which formed in 2019.
The group is composed of 4 members, MOMO,KANO,SOYO and GUMI.
Their performance are delicate, but strong that it's hard to imagine they're still high school students.This March, "BBB" was released. It's a cute song about a girl casting a spell to a boy to make him fall in love.This May, the group's first live video (@onefive 2020-Hajimarino Online Live) was released.Their amazing performance can also be seen in the video.
@onefive's new digital single will be released 2 weeks in a row. On November 24th digital single "Underground", and on December 1st digital single "Just for you" will be released.