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@onefive Pajama Party

2021.10.15 OPEN 19:00 START 19:30


@onefive Pajama Party will be streaming live on October 15th!

@onefive Pajama Party will be held to celeberate ten thousand followers!
Pajama party games, girl's talk and other exciting events are planned.
It will be a fun filled Pajama party!

Live viewing date and time
OPEN 7:00p.m. (JST)
START 7:30p.m. (JST)
Sales period
2021.10.01(Fri)7:00p.m. (JST)~2021.10.24(Sun)9:59p.m. (JST)
2021.10.01(Fri)7:00p.m. (JST)~2021.10.24(Sun)9:29p.m. (JST)
Rewatch date and time
2021.10.16(Sat)12:00a.m. (JST) ~
2021.10.24(Sun)11:59p.m. (JST)

※The viewing start time is subject to change.
*Japan Standard Time

System Charge ¥220
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@onefive is a girl group which formed in 2019.
The group is composed of 4 members, MOMO,KANO,SOYO and GUMI.
Their performance are delicate, but strong that it's hard to imagine they're still high school students.This March, "BBB" was released. It's a cute song about a girl casting a spell to a boy to make him fall in love.This May, the group's first live video (@onefive 2020-Hajimarino Online Live) was released.Their amazing performance can also be seen in the video.