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Open Classroom "Photography Class"



Sakura Gakuin Class of 2020 will livestream their 3rd open classroom!

For their 3rd open classroom, Sakura Gakuin Class of 2020 will be sharing their experience in a photography class with professional photographer Kentaro Kanbe.

Live viewing date and time
1st period
OPEN 11:30 START 11:45

2nd period
OPEN 14:30 START 14:45

3rd period
OPEN 17:30 START 17:45

1st period
Miki Yagi、Neo Sato、Yume Nozaki

2nd period
Kokona Nonaka、Miku Tanaka、Sakia Kimura

3rd period
Sana Shiratori、Miko Todaka、1st period MVP、2nd period MVP

Hamagin Hall”VIA MARE”
Sales period

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*Japan Standard Time

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Sakura Gakuin

Sakura Gakuin began in April 2010. Rules within Sakura Gakuin require students to graduate from the group as soon as they finish middle school. Since March 2012, graduates of Sakura Gakuin include Ayaka Miyoshi, Airi Matsui, BABYMETAL, etc. The current 2020 school year consists of a total of 8 members (7 in middle school and 1 in elementary school) with Kokona Nonaka as student body president.