この度、欧州経済領域内及び英国に所在するお客様の個人データの取扱いについて、お客様の個人データ保護代理人を任命しましたので、以下の【改定施行日】以降、「8. 欧州経済領域内及び英国に所在するお客様の個人データの取扱いについて」第(7)号の各ご請求又はお問合せについてのご連絡は同第(10)号に明記する方法をご利用ください。



We have revised our Privacy Policy because of the appointment of DataRep as our data protection agent to handle the personal data of our customers located in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom. If you would like to exercise any of the rights described under Section 8 `Processing of Personal Data of Residents in European Economic Area and United Kingdom’ (7), or if you have any inquiries about your rights, after the `Date of Enforcement of the Revision,’ please contact us by the methods specified in Section 8 (10).

【Date of Enforcement of the Revision】
June 3, 2024 (JST)

【Full Text of the Revised Privacy Policy】